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Why become a JALITE ASIA Authorized Distributor?

With ASIA as the fastest growing region in the world, more of the world-class infrastructure is to be constructed in the near future. With improvements in living standards comes the obvious need for meeting highter requirement of safety in your area. Stepping to the forefront, Photoluminesent Safety System are the latest, easy-to-use and the most economical technology for building and construction and fire safety in most Asian region. This creates an enomous and relatively undeveloped potential market opportunity.

Join Us! -- Committed, with us, you will be able to provide:
  •  Rapid and responsive order processing and delivery
  •  Technical service and support on product requirements
  •  Competitive quotations and advice on special sign designs and reads.

    JALITE offers the following services to Authorized Distributor?

    Best Quality Photoluminescence
  •  First Class Photoluminescent Materials meeting or exceeding all known standards
  •  Continuous Research & Development
  •  Advanced Photoluminescent Technology

    Extraordinary Products
  •  High Quality Products Meeting all Relevant Domestic & International Standards
  •  Bespoke Fire Safety Signs Service
  •  Traceability of all JALITE Products and Materials
  •  Certificates of Conformity

    Technical Expertise
  •  Up to Date with Legislative Changes
  •  Technical Assistance on Fire Safety and Signs
  •  Friendly, Helpful Staff
  •  Web Site Information Service

    Delivery Service
  •  Speedy Turnaround of Order
  •  On Site Delivery Service
  •  Competitive Transport Costs

    Additional Marketing & Promotion Services
  •  Assistance with Web Site Development
  •  Personalised Marketing Material

    JALITE is committed to continuous improvement in all of its operations in order to increase customer satisfaction. We are continually seeking to improve our distributor base and customer service support to end-users.