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  "Deadly Serious about Safety Signs and Safety Way Guidance Systems"  
The JALITE International Group has its roots in Switzerland in the 1970's and pioneered the first safety way-guidance systems in the heart of the Swiss Alps for Civil Defense and Military installations. In its history JALITE has continued to focus on its specialty niche of high performance, consistent quality photoluminescent safety products and has been a prime driving force in the development of applications and for gaining their acceptance.

JALITE PLC started life as a subsidiary of the founding company of the group JALITE Corporation S.A. of Switzerland and took over the Group Headquarters from the holding company in 1985. The first Trade Mark Registration of JALITE was made as a Swiss Mark supported by an International Registration and is now registered all around the world.

JALITE is synonymous with photoluminescence, often imitated and emulated. The JLUME Mark was registered in 1997 as the first JALITE Mark using "high-brightness - long decay" technology to meet the difficult requirements of the Aviation industry and more recently for the UL 924 compliant products in the range.

In the new millennium the group is now working to satisfy needs in all corners of the globe with technical services and distribution network supported by a global dealer network linked from JALITE PLC, JALITE USA and JALITE ASIA. Authorized Distributors and Dealers for JALITE photoluminescent safety products now support the following major market and application areas throughout the world:

  • Marine Safety and low location lighting systems
  • International Maritime Organisation (IMO) safety signs
  • Offshore Oil and Exploration platforms and installations
  • Fire Protection and Fire Safety Equipment location signs
  • Fire Alarm location signs and security escape lighting systems
  • Aircraft and Train safety signs and floor proximity escape route lighting
  • Road Signs and Tunnel emergency escape route marking
  • Military, navy and civil Defense emergency lighting
  • Power generation, Nuclear power installation evacuation route marking systems
  • Office and Laboratory Safety equipment supplies
  • Evacuation Equipment supplies, service and maintenance