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  JALITE Quality Basis  
What is JALITE Photoluminescence?  
Photoluminescence is a special kind of phosphorescence. The energy needed to activate it is supplied by common light sources such as daylight, tungsten filament, and fluorescent lights.  
JALITE photoluminescent materials contain purpose-designed inorganic phosphor compounds that are energized in seconds by the ultra violet and blue light wavelength energy that is present in nearly all frequently used light sources.  
This high-energy source activates the pigment and is stored to be subsequently emitted as a lower energy source of light. The lower energy light source is yellow-green, the color most readily perceived by the human eye and as specified by safety signs standards to produce a high luminance contrast with safety colours.  
JALITE photoluminescent materials are non-radioactive and non-toxic and provide a strong light source. They are also self-extinguishing, and hence do not readily contribute to fire propagation. JALITE products continue to produce light under extremely difficult conditions.  
How it works and Where to apply?  
Under sudden power loss situations, the material is conspicuous at some distance, providing an effective, bright contrast for text and graphical symbols and ensuring that safety messages are quickly recognized.  
JALITE photoluminescent materials can be used for many safety applications, including:  
  • Life saving equipment identification  
  • Fire safety signs  
  • Health and safety signs  
  • Escape route marking  
  • Low location illumination  
  • Directional route marking tape  
    The materials have already been successfully applied in the following sectors:  
  • Government - Buildings and Civil Defense - Prisons - Fire Stations  
  • Hospitals - Hostels - Elderly Care Homes  
  • Laboratories - Chemical Plants  
  • Transportations - Stations - Aircraft - Ships - Trains  
  • Power Stations - Nuclear Installations  
  • Industrial Buildings  
  • Military & Navy  
  • Leisure and Cultural Buildings - Theatres - Studios - Museums - Sports Centres  
  • Marine and Offshore Buildings Oil Installations  
  • Educational Institutions - Schools - Universities - Hostels  
  • Financial Institutions - Banks - High Security  
  • Retail and Shopping Centres - Karaoke - Bars - Discos  
    The materials are also suitable for use in all commercial applications, premises and buildings.  
    Why and when to use JALITE Photoluminescent Systems?  
    When an emergency occurs and evacuation is needed, coupled with the sound of the fire alarm, it is at this time that concern, hesitation and confusion can occur. Photoluminescent safety signs and systems will instantly guide evacuees to and along the escape route, quickly spotting all safety equipment locations and provide warnings of any hazards.  
    JALITE photoluminescent safety signs and systems emit a strong light source under sudden power loss situations or in other darkness situations. This helps people to orientate themselves to ensure that they can evacuate efficiently and effectively.  
    As JALITE photoluminescent materials are activated by normal light and no emergency electrical supply is needed to produce light in the dark during emergency, there is practically no possibility of failure, while only minimal maintenance and care is required to ensure the signs and systems are properly installed in the correct location of the egress system.  
    More technical data is available in our Technician Corner. Please register as JALITE member if you require more detailed information.